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Randy Brown and Iain Abernethy Part 2 (podcast)

PART 2: In this podcast Randy Brown (Mantis Boxing & BJJ Coach) and I talk about the evolution of traditional martial arts, the role of forms, martial arts dogma, pseudo-history vs real history, and a whole host of other topics!

For quite some time, people had been telling me that I should talk to Randy because our approaches had much in common. Apparently, Randy was getting told the same. It turns out people were right! We originally planned to chat for around 1 hour, but after 2.5 hours we were still going strong (which is why I have split this podcast into three parts!).

Despite our differing arts and backgrounds, the way we approach our respective systems has a lot of common ground. It was really interesting to compare notes see how our thoughts and experiences related to each other’s. We both enjoyed this conversation and I’m sure you will too!


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Randy Brown and Iain Abernethy Part 2
Randy Brown and Iain Abernethy