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Question on Camera Equipment

Hi all

Just a quick enquiry.

I keep having to struggle and explain concepts that I have in long hand (i.e. the written word), which is rather a poor substitute for the marvelous new invention of the moving image.

What basic kit do you all use to record video? Both camera and editing software, preferably inexpensive :-)

Can you get away with using a smart phone? Do these types of devices provide the necessary fidelity? How about lighting?

I am not interested in developing commercial level video, just shoot a few things and have them posted on youtube.

Thanks for you help in advance



Stuart Ashen
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I use an iPad and iMovies. Basic and simple to use in a well lit dojo. I post the results on Facebook for my students to revise and train at home.



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Angel Lemus of Oneminutebunkai.com uses an iPhone and for software he is using Final Cut Pro X, Motion and Compressor. I find the results pretty good and adequate for youtube or other video platforms.

I filmed a bit of footage with my smartphone and that is good hd quality. In terms of video editing software I am still looking. I am not into that whole Apple craze so I don't use Mac software.

Regards Holger

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Hi Guys

Thanks for the feedback.

I follow Angel's channel on you tube, and the quality of his video footage is excellent... 

I'll have to swipe my wifes iPhone...if i can prize the thing out of her hands wink

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"Perfection is the enemy of 'good enough'" (Dr Guy Gratton, who aside from being a leading authority in aviation is also a Kempo Jujitsu 3rd Dan and friend of mine.)

What are your videos intended for? For my YouTube channel I use either my 6th generation iPhone or a non-HD Sony digital video recorder. They are far from professional standard but are good enough. The weakness is human (camrea shake) and environment (the sound of Badminton play) but not the image or sound quality. I use Windows Live Movie Maker to edit them.

If I was to record a professional DVD like Iain's then I'd be investing a few thousand in kit and expertise I think.

Iain Abernethy
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For my YouTube stuff I use a “Flip HD Camcorder”. It’s about the same size as phone and I keep it my kit bag should the mood take me to film anything. I edit that footage with “Windows Movie Maker”.

For the DVDs I pay lots of money for professional camera and editors and they user their own kit as it would be way too expensive for a mere mortal to own :-)

For YouTube I highly recommend the Flip cameras though. Small, cheap(ish), simple to use and the quality is pretty good.

All the best,


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Hi All

Again thank you all for the feedback.

My son actually has a Nikon D3200 digital Camera (he bought it with his winnings from an international photographic competition - sorry proud Dad moment there), which provides really good video footage. We were playing around with it over the weekend - not karate..  a Zombie movie vignette with his brother and 2 friends (he is only 12... and I act like a 12 year old..).

I looked into the Final Cut Pro X, Motion and Compressor (as suggested by K0yhan), but it is I believe an Apple product, so not really suitable for my mainly PC-based home technology stack. If Iain you are using the native Windows Movie maker and getting the results you do... maybe I will invest some time and have a crack with that instead.

Again thank you all for your help ( I now have to crack on and get some story boards written and prepare the post-production work on Day-of-the-Evil-Night-Living-Dead-Dawn-Land (working title))