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A Plethora of Martial Musings (podcast)

Welcome to the July 11 podcast! This month has me musing over a wide range of martial topics raised by listeners. We look at methods of breathing; the value of cross-training; using empty-hand kata for weapons; bunkai deniers; training for the non-physical aspects of confrontation; the order in which we should learn kata; the “two-hand” rule of bunkai; weapon defence in kata; Motobu’s place in karate history; karate styles; striking vs. grappling; home training for kyu grades; and my own personal kata practise. A pretty wide ranging podcast I’m sure you’ll agree!

I have to say that I really enjoyed putting this one together and feel that it is one of the more information dense podcasts we’ve done. The podcast is around seventy minutes long so I hope that you enjoy listening to it. I have some themed pieces ready to go so I’ll be back with another podcast very soon. Enjoy!

All the best,


Martial Musings
Iain Abernethy