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Iain Abernethy
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Please quote when replying in longer threads

Hi All,

Just a little reminder that if replying to someone it really helps if you quote the bit you are replying to. I’ve just spent a little time tidying up some threads that would be very difficult to follow for any visitors due to a lack of quoting.

As well as exchanging information with each other, it needs to be remembered that the vast majority of people who read what we post here are non-posters. To keep the information “clean” it helps massively if you quote what you are replying to.

All it takes is a few long posts from the same people in a single thread and it’s very difficult to tell what the reply is to and all clarity is lost.

Quoting is very easy and instructions are here: http://www.iainabernethy.co.uk/content/how-quote

Just cut and paste the relevant bits and add the “quote code”

Thanks for your assistance and understanding smiley

All the best,