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Pinan Shodan/Heian Nidan Chest Block in Hook Stance Drills 2-3


In this video, we continue our exploration of ways to apply the chest block in hook stance (followed by the front kick and reverse punch) sequence from Pinan Shodan/Heian Nidan. These drills allow us to practice keeping the enemy from grabbing, choking, or clinching up. This technique can also be used to defend against a straight punch, but rarely do we see straight punches in a self-defense situation. Rather, a common attack is for the enemy to reach straight in to grab us (lapel, shoulder, arm, wrist) or to choke us. This drill allows us to practice checking the reaching hand, using the hook stance to get off the attacker’s center line while keeping him on our center line, and executing effective counter measures to facilitate escape.



Iain Abernethy
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Thanks for posting Dave! Solid information clearly explained as always.

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Very good! I especially like the smacking sound effect you make with the kick to the head at 5:18. :)

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