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Pinan / Heian Sandan Throw in Pad Drill

This video shows one of a number of bunkai-based pad drills that we covered at a seminar in Stuttgart, Germany in June 2016. These pad drills include various throws that can be found in the Pinan / Heian kata. This video looks at the hip-throw that can be found at the end of Pinan / Heian Sandan.

While traditional karate includes many throws, karate is first and foremost a striking system. It is therefore important to practise the throws in a manner that is integrated with the core strikes. Drills like this can be a useful part of this side of karate practise.

What is shown is a quick summary of the drill for attendees to film as an aid to memory for after the seminar. It only shows the first of a number of drills, and it is not instructional in nature. Seminar attendance is needed for detailed instruction in all these drills. I nevertheless hope what is shown is of interest.  

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PS The YouTube link is HERE

Practical Kata Bunkai: Pinan / Heian Sandan Throw in Pad Drill