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Open Sparring Event - Aug. 25th - Phoenix, AZ, USA

Hello everyone,

My dojo has started hosting open sparring events periodically to get local martial artists of all styles together to spar and exchange ideas and techniques.  The sparring is generally sport-oriented, but there will be some people there (myself included, obviously) who would be up for working kata-based sparring as well  Here is the page with the event information and where you can RSVP (helps us know if we will need to lay out extra mats): https://www.facebook.com/events/268210283286573



Black Tiger
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is it Ippon Kumite or is it Continous?

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Continuous with a boxing timer to indicate when to switch partners (or sit out, if you need to).  The only time we do Ippon Kumite is when we are helping the youth students get ready for tournaments :)