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Open Michael Wright SRS Session

The 7th October 2014 sees Andrew Rheeston Karate hosting Michael Wright at the Chelmsley Conclub in Birmingham B37 5DZ. Michael will be teaching part of his SRS program, the cost of this class is £30 spaces are limited so please contact me on 07929989720 or arheeston@hotmail.co.uk to register your interest ASAP. Payment can be taken through paypal using the e-mail address above or contact me for alternative payment options.

Michael Wright has been developing his combative skills for over twenty years, travelling the world to learn from the very best in their field. He is the Head Instructor of Adaptive Martial Concepts, an organisation of 30 skilled instructors across the UK and Europe.

He is the creator of the SRS Self-Preservation program, currently taught to a wide range of military and security professionals.
Michael is one of the very individuals outside of the USA to pass the Gracie Survival Tactics Instructor Course at the Gracie Academy in Los Angeles. From 1998 to 2010, he was a personal student and Full Instructor under Paul Vunak, former Unarmed Combat Instructor to the US Navy SEAL Teams. 

Michael teaches a wide range of students from the UK Armed Forces and has served as an Instructor for Police Staff Protection Teams. He specialises in teaching Close Protection Operatives from both the hostile and corporate sectors. Michael has spent several years working himself as a Close Protection Operative, his clients have included Middle Eastern Royalty, high risk Journalists, Burberry, Vogue and the London 2012 Olympics.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Iain Abernethy
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Should be a good session! The karateka will see much in the second video that is Naihanchi-esque too.

All the best,


PS The background music to the 2nd video is “Symphony of Destruction” for those who find it also has their subconscious searching twenty years of music history in an involuntary game of name that tune! I got there in the end! :-)

Mark B
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You're right about the 2nd clip Iain, very Naihanchi. Those who attended my Naihanchi seminar might remember and recognise the shoulder blasts , which is the reason I give for the head turns at the beginning of the kata. I thought that was a very good clip

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Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on this. This should be a great class, every time I've trained with Michael I've been able to link sections of what he teaches into various Kata motions.  It;s no surprise that different arts or teachers have similar methods for dealing with conflict, and I think having an open mind help brings these things together.