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Naihanchi / Tekki Shodan Partner and Pad Drill

In this video we look at a Naihanchi / Tekki based partner drill and pad drill. The drill consists of the kata methods being rapidly applied in a way that seeks to maintain dominance and ultimately facilitate escape (self-protection context).

While all the methods in the drill are found in the kata, the order is not the same. It’s vitally important to understand that the learning order (i.e. the sequence of the solo kata) is not the mandatory application order. In application, we use whatever method is relevant at that moment: the situation dictates, not the solo kata.

“In combat do not be shackled by the rituals of kata, but instead move freely according to the enemy’s strength and weaknesses” – Genwa Nakasone

All drills have their strengths and weaknesses. We therefore drill it with a partner to get the right placement and flow, and then we drill it in on the pads to add in the impact (but the placement will now be off because was are hitting pads and not people). We can then use the same methods in other drills, including live practise. This is the “Training Matrix” concept (see videos on that topic). Viewers therefore need to appreciate that this is not the totality of the training method for these Naiahnchi / Tekki methods, but just two small parts of it. I hope you enjoy the video and thanks for all the support!

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Naihanchi / Tekki Shodan Partner and Pad Drill