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Naihanchi opening sequence


This is my first attempt in awhile to put a video together. Looking for some constructive criticism. The editing is a bit rough, unfortunately an Iphone is all I have to work with. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

Iain Abernethy
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I always think it’s great when people seek to serve the community of “practical traditionalists” by sharing ideas.  It takes time and effort and being perpetrated to open ourselves up to public critique too. Good job!

Azato wrote:
unfortunately an Iphone is all I have to work with.

I have a camera, professional backdrops, studio lights, radio mics, etc … and 90% of my YouTube videos are filmed on my phone too. You are in good company :-)

I like everything shown in the video. I especially liked the solo form, partner drill and impact work all been shown. My only critique is that it would have bene nice to see the drill done a couple of times and having you explain it as you do it. We can always “rewind”, but it’s easier not too :-) Some expansion on the underling concepts is always valuable too.

Good material though! Thanks for sharing!

All the best,


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Thanks for the response. You're definitely right that the partner bit was far too short and would be better with some explanation. I think I'll have to revise it. Thanks again!


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Very nice, and wouldn't have known it was filmed on an iphone if you hadn't have told us :-)

Doesn't the application need to be be done either to the side of the enemy, or at least in a sideways stance (to reduce the target area being shown to them)? You perform the kata at sideways on, but then the applcation is done infront of the enemy and facing them front on.

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Hey Paul,

At the beginning of the drill I am facing forward but after I step with my left foot to execute the first strike I end up more or less with the enemy to my side. It is true that for the last strike I am more square with the enemy but I feel that it flows well and is a realistic position to end up it to deliver the blow. In general I consider these kind of drills just as a way to build muscle memory with the movements, practicing specifically transitioning from a failed technique into your next strike.  -Dan

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Thanks for the explanation Dan

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Nicely done and solid impact with the elbow strike with hip movement from the Naihanchi opening sequence...Best wishes...Gerald.

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Well Done, Dan!

I agree that the partner part was a little to quick to follow. Maybe just edit in two or three repetitions and a slow motion of the scene.

Take care,