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Lee Richardson
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Naihanchi Combatives seminar in Halifax - 24/06/2012 - 1100 - 1400

Halifax Karate Combatives presents a seminar exploring the analysis of, and applications from, the kata Naihanchi (Tekki Shodan).

Serbian Orthodox Church 18 Fern Street, Boothtown Halifax, West Yorkshire, HX3 6NP

Contact Mark Bonner for further details - 07735 325196 - halifaxkarate@gmail.com (or PM him - Mark B - through this site).

"Mark Bonner is someone who really gets what practical karate truly is. To make things work when it counts, we need to understand the unforgiving nature of real situations. I've sat on two of Mark Bonner's grading panels and I can confirm that he has such an understanding. Mark is fully able to contextualise karate for self-protection and his personal take on the pragmatic application of Naihanchi is most impressive. Mark does not approach the kata as a "bag of tricks" but as a holistic combative methodology that is fully integrated with a wider approach to self-protection. It's all good stuff! Mark is a really nice guy too and I guarantee you'll enjoy what he has to offer." - Iain Abernethy 6th Dan BCA, BKA, EKF.

Lee Richardson
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Please note that attendees should bring their own bag and focus mitts, where possible. If anyone is unable to bring their own we will lend you some, but please let us know beforehand if this is the case.

The seminar costs £10 per person. No deposit is required, but please contact us ahead of time.

Finally, although knowledge of Naihanchi/Tekki Shodan would be helpful it's not absolutely necessary as the principles and applications to be taught are easily transferable to other forms.

Black Tiger
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I would seriously love to be there but we have an " inter- club" against a Muay Thai Gym to compete in.


Mark B
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Hi all.

I thought I should give a brief outline of how I intend to plan the session.

I view the primary applications from any Kata as percussive/ impactive techniques and this will be the main focus of the seminar, impact drills taken directly from Naihanchi (in tandem with more standard partner Bunkai).

Equipment needed will be bag mitts, sparring mitts(the well padded type) and focus pads if you have them.

I view Kata and its applications as relevant should the opportunity for pre-emption be lost, or the opponent gaining the initiative, the drills will reflect this, as will the drills to clear obstruction.

Factor in some drills to create fatigue to reflect some of the affects of adrenalin and it should be a fun session.

All the best,