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Multiple Enemies (podcast)

Welcome to August’s podcast! In this podcast we discuss the issue of multiple enemies. Despite the fact that multiple enemies are a likely occurrence in self-protection situations, I think it would be fair to say that the majority of groups ignore this likelihood and concentrate solely on one-on-one methodologies and tactics. Unfortunately, one-on-one methodologies and tactics can work brilliantly when things are one-on-one, but can be totally inappropriate and fail dramatically when the numbers increase. The need for solid technique at all ranges remains constant, what changes is what techniques we choose to use and how we choose to use them.

In this podcast we look at multiple enemies from both a self-protection perspective and, towards the end of the podcast, from the perspective of karate kata. We also look at what tactics are most effective when facing multiple enemies, how to pre-emptively strike when facing a group, the basics of designing training drills for multiple enemies, some multiple enemy myths, and how kata can help prepare us for multiple enemies (and it’s not how many people think it does!).

It’s obviously a very big topic – one we are sure to return to – but I hope you find the podcast touches on the key issues and provides some food for thought.

One other thing mentioned in the podcast is that these podcasts will have been going for five years in October! I’m hoping to do something a little special for that one, but I’ve no idea what! If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

I hope that you enjoy this podcast and thank you for your support of them!

All the best,


Multiple Enemies
Iain Abernethy