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Multi style Charity training day for Sport Relief

On Saturday June 14th there will be a charity martial arts day at the High Wycombe Judo Centre to raise money for Sport Relief.

The format of the day is to run 3 x 90 minute and 1 x 60 minute training slots where attendees can choose an art to try from 2 or 3 options in each of the 4 time slots (and take a rest if they just want to watch).

The hall hire is being covered by Martial Arts Planet, so all attendees need do to book their place is visit the justgiving page and make a donation of £25 (which can be in installments) prior to the event. http://www.justgiving.com/MAPMeet2014

I will be teaching a 90 minute class on drills from my new series of books on the Pinan/Heian kata, but there will also be instruction from Judo Paralympic Silver Medalist Ian Rose, and classes with experienced instructors in Boxing, TKD, FMA Concepts, Liu he ba Fe, and Lung Yong Fu Hok Pai. More details at http://www.mapmeet.co.uk/

The venue is the excellent High Wycombe Judo Centre with good parking and changing facilities plus a social/bar area for chatting afterwards. http://www.wycombejudocentre.co.uk/facilities.html

I hope to see a few of you there!

John Titchen