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Ben Ryder
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The Motobu Choki Drills - seminar - Sat 21st September 2013
This event will see all profits donated to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance which serves 5million people and is entirely funded through charitable donations. One of the most overlooked and revered karate-ka Motobu Choki tested his fighting skill in drink fuelled night time settings much to the disapproval of his more prominent contemporaries, with his defeat of a foreign boxer in Kyoto in 1925 being wrongly attributed to Funakoshi Gichin. With a relatively small number of kata in his teaching, Motobu's study was greater in depth than breadth, resulting in him devising a unique series of drills focussing in Naihanchi / Tekki Shodan kata to reflect his key philosophy: “Nothing is more harmful to the world than a martial art that is not effective in actual self-defence.” The four hour study group session will be an informal introduction to the drills, covering both context and the techniques and their relationship to the form. The drills show the direct relationship between form and function, increase your knowledge of this simple yet highly intriguing form. The course costs £15 and is being held at Kaizen Martial Arts Academy, 2nd Floor Swinnow Grange Mills, Stanningley Road, Leeds between 1pm and 5pm on Saturday 21st September. Course instructor is Ben Ryder 3rd dan, shidoin Koryu Uchinadi and shibucho (representative) of Hanshi Patrick McCarthy's Ryukyu Karate-Jutsu Kyokusai Kenkyukai. https://www.facebook.com/events/1406343252922210/ www.irkrs-uk.com __________________________________ Ben Ryder Shidoin Koryu Uchinadi UK