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Money and the Martial Arts (podcast)

This new podcast looks at the ever controversial topic of money and the martial arts. In the podcast I share my views on whether it is right to take payment for martial arts instruction; what amounts to unethical  behaviour; the different attitudes that exist to money; how people can unwittingly help unethical instructors; how to most effectively combat money hungry “McDojos”; how money can effect the teacher / student relationship; how money can further good quality martial arts; and more besides!

This podcast also includes the usual news and our first ever musical section! Towards the end of the podcast we have (in full and with permission) the brilliant song “Dojo Blues” by The Aspiring Legends! It’s a brilliant song that all martial artists will be able to relate to, and once it gets into your head it will be there for days!

I hope you enjoy the podcast and I’ll be back with move soon!

All the best,


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Money ...
Iain Abernethy
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