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Mini-Webinar: Using the lead-hand hook (kagi zuki)

Short Notice Mini-Webinar! This Sunday (6th) at 3pm UK time (14:00 UTC) there will be a mini-webinar on the effective use of the lead hand hook! This very effective punch is underused by many karateka today – due to the influence of the modern competitive format – but it is nevertheless found throughout the older two-person drills and kata. In this mini-webinar (45 mins approx.) we will look at the correct body mechanics for throwing the punch, how to hit with it on the move, and how to effectively combine it with other karate methods.

The webinar takes place on Sunday the 6th of June and starts at 14:00 UTC. The Webinar will run for around 45 mins. Local Times: 3pm UK / 16:00 Central Europe / 10pm Perth / 12:00am (Mon) Sydney / 7am Western USA / 10am Eastern USA. Footage will be added to the app shortly after the event for those who can’t make it live!

APP USERS: How to Register (optional): Tap Central Icon on Bottom Menu > Events and Classes > Scroll to Bottom > Tap on Webinar > Scroll to Bottom > Tap Register.

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