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Martial Arts Expo' 20.10.13

Who was at the Martial Arts Expo' in Coventry this past weekend? I met a few people from this forum and from Iain's seminars. I was there Sunday only and took one of my students. 

The reason that I'm asking is that someone recognised me from this forum and approached my student to ask if he was with me. It must have been this forum as he referred to me as "Tau." Everywhere else I'm "captaintau" (the new version of this forum wouldn't let me use my normal handle.) 

Say "hello." I don't bite.

Black Tiger
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I had other plans this year but I'm hoping that I'll be able to go next year. Maybe we could sort a post and arrange a meet next year

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Didn't Master Ken turn up for the UK Martial Arts expo? Was he there?

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He was there with a stand both days, selling T-shirts and DVDs. He also ran a seminar each day. Since more people are aware of his methods now he's starting to expand on them. This time he taught the Thrust of Freedom Kata which frankly illustrate the flaws of our more well known (and obviously bullshit) kata such as Kushanku, Bassai, Pinan and Naihanchi.