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Limb Control and Joint Manipulation Seminar

Hello, everyone!

My Sensei will be teaching a seminar on limb control and joint manipulation at the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame event in San Diego, CA next Saturday, May 17th. The material covered in the seminar will be a blend of techniques from Shorin-Ryu kata, Taika Oyata's Ryukyu Kempo, and Japanese jujutsu. I'm certainly biased, but there is a reason I chose to train under Sensei Poage when I was looking for a new dojo back in 2010--if you can make it, you won't be disappointed! Here is a real quick promo video we shot to give a bit of a teaser for the seminar:

You can go to http://www.usamhof.com for more details on the event, and you can contact Peaceful Warrior Martial Arts & Healing Center at http://peacefulwarriorphx.com for information on future seminars, or to schedule Sensei Poage to teach a seminar at your school or event.