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Leigh Simms
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Leigh Simms & Don Came - Sun 10 May 2020 - Bunkai Seminar

Top quality Karate coming to Birmingham with Leigh Simms of Progressive Karate and Don Came 7th Dan of Kissaki-Kai Karate. 
Don will be sharing his applications for Naihanchi (Tekki) Kata and Leigh will be exploring the Heian (Pinan) Kata.

Event takes place on Sunday 10 May 2020 from 11am til 3pm at Jospeh Chamberlain College in Birmingham.

Open to all grades, styles and systems!

£40.00 per person

Contact leigh@leighsimms.com to reserve your space!

Further details here: - https://www.leighsimms.com/events/don-came-leigh-simms-kata-application-seminar

Facebook Event here: - https://www.facebook.com/events/796553374098838/