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Jason Lester
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Kuri-Obi (Black Belt)

Hi everyone, hope you all have had a great Christmas.

The following video shows clips of this wounderfull and powerfull Karate film, some of you may already have seen or heard of it. The style of Karate looks like Shotokan Karate (please correct me if i am mistaken as i have not seen the whole film).

If you sometimes doubt your Karate or maybe feel like quiting this film may indeed change your mind.

I thought i would share and hope it is of interest.

Kind regards,


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Santa brought me this DVD. It is enjoyable. Here's the information from the JKA website.


AKIHITO YAGI (Fifth Dan) TATSUYA NAKA (JKA Instructor, Sixth Dan) YUJI SUZUKI (First Dan)

The actors in these leading roles are all actual holders of karate Black Belt rank, and display this true masculine strength in a way that mere acting could not achieve. In the main cast, the role of Giryu is played by AKIHITO YAGI (Fifth Dan), instructor in International Meibukan Goju Ryu Karate. The role of Taikan is played by TATSUYA NAKA (Sixth Dan), instructor at the Japan Karate Association General Headquarters (Corp.), and Choei is played by YUJI SUZUKI, an actor who holds the rank of First Dan.

Another movie with Yahi & Naka is High Kick Girl, which can be found in YouTube.

Kindest Regards,


Jason Lester
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Hi guys, thanks for the info, very interesting stuff.

Watch the full film this afternoon on youtube and then bought it of Amazon : )

Many thanks,


Black Tiger
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I watched the complete film, would love to see the film Dubbed in English, but the Japanese with subtitles was ok

I'm still trying to work out the last fight scene as it was a little "messy" compared to the others.

I notice it was very much akin to the "One Strike, One Kill" ethos through the flm

but definately a film to have in one's library

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if you all like "Kuro-Obi" then maybe you will like "High Kick Girl" too. It also features Naka Tatsuya (J.K.A. Instructor) and Yagi Akihito (Grandson of Yagi Meitoku the founder of Goju Ryus famous Meibukan Dojo).

Its is a bit different than "Kuro-Obi" but I liked it nonetheless. Here is a trailer

Regards Holger

Jason Lester
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Quality, thanks for posting, will def be watching that : )

Thanks again,