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Koryu Naihanchi application

Around 14/15 years ago I decided that the study of Naihanchi would become my focus from that day forward - and so it has! In that time the way I view, practice and teach Naihanchi has evolved beyond recognition. As Patrick McCarthy tells us the Kata is the end product, not designed to teach anything per se. The applications I share are sourced from the conceptual response to habitual acts of physical violence. In this way I don't "fit" the Kata to an act of violence. The practice of Naihanchi in this manner means I don't "search" for what the Kata does in any given situation with regards order and sequence. On top of this I apply the knowledge and experience of actual violence, and the energy which is present through non consensual training. By applying this knowledge I can recognise, with a truthful mind what is achievable against a determined attacker - rather than what we wish was achievable (and is in the dojo). I share this video with those concepts to the fore. Regards