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"KATA NO MATO" Seminar with Allan Amor 7th Dan Ryukyu Kempo at Edinburgh University, April 21-22.

"Kata no Mato - Okinawan Karate’s Ancient Roots and Modern Meaning"

A rare opportunity to experience training in Classical Okinawan Martial Arts at Edinburgh University Shukokai Karate Club.


Allan Amor, Ryukyu Kempo 7th Dan, will be presenting a weekend of training in the ‘Classical Ryukyu Life Protection Arts’ at Edinburgh University on April 21st & 22nd, 2012.

Allan Amor studied with Oyata Seiyu, 10th Dan master of Okinawan Martial Arts, for over 20 years. He now teaches his interpretation of Ryukyu Kempo in a few locations around the world, from his headquarters dojo in Kansas, USA.

The focus of the weekend of training will be on understanding and developing skill in:

  • Tuite, the highly-developed grabbing-hand applications of old-way Karate
  • Atemi and Kyusho, warning strikes to the limbs and more serious debilitating strikes
  • The use of Kata in the practice and understanding of old-way life protection methods
  • How sophisticated motions and exercises, vital to developing usable skill, must be extracted from forms and Kata
  • The influences and integration of Okinawan weaponcraft with the use of the hand for life protection methods


You may see a YouTube presentation of Amor-sensei's rare and unusual classical martial art on the web link below.

This weekend of training (Saturday 21st April and Sunday 22nd April 10.30am to 4.30pm) is likely to be of deep interest to Karate practitioners who want to explore the origins of their practice, in addition to Taekwondo, Ju-jutsu and other martial art practitioners.

There are no pre-requisites for attending and all adult practitioners of the martial arts are welcome. Places are limited and offered on a first-come-first-served basis.

For more information and to reserve your place for the limited availability on this training weekend, please visit: www.katanomato.info

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Allan Amor is in the old photos with this article about Oyata Taika...


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There's a few place left on this weekend seminar, so please register on http://katanomato.info  to guarantee your place

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Here's a couple of extra links for further info.



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Greetings everyone!

"KATA NO MATO" Seminar with Allan Amor 7th Dan Ryukyu Kempo at Edinburgh University, April 21-22.


We just finished a call with Amor-Kaicho about the upcoming seminar and wanted to share with you some more information about what lies ahead during this exciting weekend of training!

Amor Kaicho is aware that this will be the first time that so much of this information about 'real' Ryukyu Kempo, and the arts that Taika Oyata has passed down to his senior students, will be presented to Karate people in the UK.  He has prepared a long list of topics to cover over the two days of training, including:


- The focus point or goal of kata ("Kata no Mato") - Lost in Communication (translation of Okinawan concepts from Kanji to English) - Focus of vision (where kata movement and position are lost) - Understanding 'Tokucho' (defining core principles and target skills) - Karate no michi, Karate ni sente nashi, Kata wa Sei Itsu - Life protection (realizing the preciousness of life and the need to protect it) - The significance and need to practice, understand and preserve Kobudo - Dojo Kun 'guiding principles' and “old way etiquettes” - 'Shin Shu Ho', 'Nagare Shugyo' and 'Kuzushi' KATA TRAINING In addition to these fundamental cornerstones of the classical Okinawan Ryukyu Kempo, he will be covering advanced Classical kata such as Passai, Kusanku and Niseishi, and how their unique characteristics are suited to certain body-types, individual athletic movement-styles and combative strategies. We will also practice and reference Naihanchi, Pinan and Seisan kata - the fundamental building blocks of Karate movement and which also conceal and contain the essence of Okinawan fighting strategies utilising Tuite (seizing/control) and Kyusho (vital point striking). 'KOBUDO' WEAPON-CRAFT A key component of this weekend of training will be an exposition on the connection between classical Okinawan weapon-craft and the movements of all Karate.  Everyone present at this weekend of training will be given an opportunity to get 'hands-on' with Okinawan weapon-craft, specifically so that they can see the generic kernels of movement which are at the core of both Kobudo and Karate. Please, if you have them, by all means bring practice weapons (Bo, Jo, Sai, Nunchaku, Tonfa) to the training hall. Amor Kaicho has promised that he will attempt to leave us with 'specialists' in individual weapons if and when people have the means to take on-board the information.   Essentially, if you bring a weapon, you will be shown its usage and practices. At EUSKC, we will have a stock of 'Tanbo' (Arnis Sticks) so that these will form the backbone of any weapons training.   There will also at least be an exposition on the Bo and its central importance to Okinawan martial arts.  If you have one, please bring it. If you can not bring any weapons, don't worry - this has been planned for and we have made detailed contingencies for this. GUESTS Amor-Kaicho will be accompanied by Kruse-sensei and Hansen-sensei, who will be assisting him with the instruction and demonstrations.  We are very lucky to have them here with us as they will undoubtedly add to our overall training experience. FINALLY! There is still time for the final few places on this most interesting and intriguing seminar weekend to fill up!   Please send this information on to colleagues and friends who will be interested in this training. Best Regards, The Seminar Team at EUSKC www.katanomato.info