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Joseph O'Neill
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Kata and the NFLs Playbooks

Hi everyone, 

I was looking at conceptual frameworks for something for work, and the links to the playbooks used by NFL teams got me thinking about their relevance to kata (as a specific example of the relevance of a conceptual framework to kata). The result of noodling this around for a bit is the following article:


In it I look at how we define our goals and how we can focus them, and also how once we've decided on our key actions how we can use these to devise specific drills for training other elements of the kata or specific facets of it in isolation.

I'm not a strong writer, so I'd really appreciate feedback both on the content whether you agree or disagree with this as a potential approach to developing drills out of the kata, but also on the actually writing of the peice, does it scan well, is it comprehendable, is it complete gibberish, etc.

Thanks in advance,