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Kata and Bunkai Explained (video)

In this video I cover some of the key aspects of my approach to kata and bunkai. While it’s obviously not possible to cover all aspects in a presentation such as this, I nevertheless hope that this general overview is of some value. Topics covered include:

Fighting vs Martial Arts vs Self-Protection Consensual vs Non- Consensual Violence Traditional view of Pre-Emption Pro-Active vs Reactive The Practicality of Reactive Methods The “Reinterpretation” of Close-Range Methods The Role of Stances Angles and Tactical Positioning The Three Keys to Understanding Bunkai The Four Elements of the Kata Process History vs Pragmatism The Three Elements of Valid Bunkai And More!

This video was added to the iain abernethy app earlier in the year, so app users have already seen it. I have decided to make this one public though in the hope that it encourages more people to explore kata in greater detail. If the approach outlined in the video is of interest to you, please email for a free app account and trial.

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PS You can find the YouTube link HERE

Kata Bunkai Explained!