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Karate's Three Biggest Mistakes

In this month’s podcast I’d like to look at what I feel are the three biggest errors made by karateka today. As regular listeners will know, I like to keep my podcasts positive as it is way too easy to stand back and point out what is wrong with the martial arts.

Personally, I’d rather put forward solutions and suggest how things could be made better. However, people will only be interested in potential solutions if they are aware there is a problem in the first place. So what I thought I’d do in this podcast is point out what I feel are the three most common, and yet frequently unseen, mistakes in karate.

I hope you’ll forgive me for being a little “negative” on this occasion and that you appreciate that my purpose in pointing out these errors is to encourage us to think of positive solutions and to help ensure that both the art of karate and its practitioners can reach their maximum potential.

These three mistakes are so important because people often do not realise that they are making them. There are other common errors to be sure, but what makes these three so problematic is that people either don’t recognise they are making them or don’t fully understand the serious implications of allowing these mistakes to creep into their martial practise.

Curious as to what these three mistakes are? If so, you’ll have to listen to the podcast! In the podcast we explore these three mistakes and then move on to suggest what steps we need to take to ensure we avoid them. I hope you enjoy the podcast and I’ll be back with more next month.

All the best,


Karates Three Biggest Mistakes
Iain Abernethy