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The Karate Precepts of Anko Itosu

In this video I discuss a few of Itosu’s 10 Precepts and the impact they should have on karate today. This vitally important document was written in 1908 by one of the most influential karate masters there has ever been.

Itosu tells us karate does NOT have a religious foundation; that karate is for non-consensual violence; that we should not only train for “self”-defence, but also train to protect loved ones; that we should practise karate as individuals; and more!

This is such an important document. As Itosu makes clear, much of what passes for “traditional karate” these days isn’t traditional at all.

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PS The YouTube link can be found HERE

The Karate Precepts of Anko Itosu (1831 – 1915)