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Les Bubka
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Jacket vs Knives

Hi All

I just come across this clip, very surprising results. I totaly did not expect that normal jacket will give so much protection. 

I'm no specialist on knives so maybe some of you have more info on this subject.

Kind regards 


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Of course, stabbing would be another matter.  

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Interesting, but it doesn't show (from what I saw of it) an attack, just single slash motions on an inanimate object, the effect of a moving target, making defensive movements etc will all make a difference to the risk of flesh actually being cut despite wearing clothing. 

Iain Abernethy
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That’s an interesting video. I think clothing will make a difference; especially multiple layers because they will slide over one another. I suspect the effect would be less pronounced when we have flesh over bones that are held in place by muscles. The rubber arm will obviously morph and move a little more on contact.

Dedicated slash proof clothing is very thin, but it is tightly woven and has multiple layers … just like the jacket shown here. I have one slash proof sweatshirt and it is indistinguishable from regular clothing. Dedicated slash proof clothing is not stab proof though. I’ve done that test myself. I am therefore confident that jacket would do little to stop stabbing.

Stab vests (I also have one of those) involve moulded plastic plates (font and back). They would defiantly stop stabs and slashes. You could not even hammer a nail into those things (I tried). However, they are not really “clothing” as such.

So, I am sure that clothing will make a positive difference; especially tightly woven fabrics and multiple layers. However, I doubt it would be quite as effective as shown here in actual conflict. I also am confident that clothing will make little difference when it comes to stabbing actions.

All the best,


Les Bubka
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Iain, Marcus

I totally agree that it would not help with stabbing, just come across this clip and found it interesting :)

kind regards


Chikara Andrew
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Whilst it is an interesting bit of footage I don't think the fact that I was wearing a jacket would affect the way I approached a situation where I was faced with a knife. Thankfully one that has never arisen.

However as has been pointed out none of this affects the stab issue.

I would also highlight that the ability of a knife to slash effectively is a combination of a good edge, blade shape, direction of travel/motion., whereas even the dullest knife will effectively stab.

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I wonder if the results would have been different if he had slashed across Bob's chest. More solid and it would be far less compliant. Good way to ruin an expensive Bob however.