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Iain Abernethy
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IMPORTANT: Please remember to quote correctly

Hi All,

Please be sure to use the quote function. It saves me having to tidy up your posts in order to keep them as readable as possible.

To quote someone you can either use the quote button on their post, and then delete the irrelevant bits … or you can type the code in by hand.

I have to do this wrong to prevent it making the code into an actual quote, but essentially you start the quote with a square bracket “[“, the word “quote”, an “=” sign, the name of the person being quoted and then a closing square bracket “]”

At the end of the quoted text you put the following: [/quote]

I’ve put a space after the 1st square bracket to stop it working, but the code should be as follows (without the space):

[ quote=name of person being quoted]The text you want to quote[/quote]

When you do that the text will appear as below when the post is saved:

Iain Abernethy wrote:
A bit of example quoted text

I hope that helps?

All the best,