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Iain Abernethy
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If your post has been deleted today, then stop it!

Hi All,

For those who need reminding, please remember that all condescending and argumentative posts will be deleted. Persistent offenders will have their membership revoked.

Debate is good, but we need the right tone to be maintained at all times. This morning I have deleted a number of posts due to an incorrect tone being exhibited. While I always aim to privately message people to explain why posts have been deleted, that is not possible today as I’ve a number of appointments to keep and time is short.

Also, some of those who were deleted today have been asked about this before. Please remember that guidance on tone does not have a time limit! The right tone and observance of the rules is required by all members at all times. Those who insist on being argumentative and condescending to others in their posts need to remember that if you keep it up I have no option but to ban you in order to keep the good reputation this board has developed over the years and to maintain the kinds of conversations we all enjoy.

All the best,