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Iain and Wim: Thoughts on Teaching

The crossover podcasts with Wim Demeere and myself are always popular! In this one Wim and I discuss teaching; with a specific emphasis on one-on-one coaching and seminar teaching. Wim does a great deal of one-on-one coaching; whereas I do very little. Conversely, I do lots of seminar teaching; whereas Wim does not teach seminars that often. We therefore had questions for one another about our experiences and relative felids of expertise.

The podcast makes for an interesting listen, which we feel brought out a lot of information that will be useful to all martial arts instructors; particularly those who may wish to branch out from group teaching to also provide one-on-one and seminar instruction.

It’s always great to talk to Wim and I hope you enjoy the podcast!

All the best,


Thoughts on Teaching
Iain and Wim Demere
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