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Iain Abernethy
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How to use a baton like LA police officer in the 1960s!

How to use a baton like a LA police officer in the 1960s! I love these old videos. Always fascinating to watch. There’s some very questi onable methods shown in the video: “Criminal grabbed your baton? Then execute a sacrifice throw!” (What if he simply lets go of the baton?). An interesting watch nevertheless.

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Interesting, nice to see how it's "evolved"...

Of course, now, in the States, the police are more than likely going to go for their gun as first port of call due to the additional distance you can get (provided you are switched on at distance)

Jeremy McLean
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Kelly McCann with the collapsible baton.

That old billy club with 90 degree handle should be operated more like a tonfa shouldn't it?

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Very interesting video Jeremy, I like the look of some of those techniques with the tactical baton.

Jeremy McLean
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McCann does solid combatives work. I'd be interested to see a comparison of the tonfa and the older style billy clubs. Essentially the same tool but different environments when the point of history they were used is factored in.

Barry O'Sullivan
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That's old school Iain! I love old self defence instructional videos like this!

Dale Parker
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There is another important feature that the UK friends have overlooked.... Driving on the proper side of the vehicle and in the proper lane.

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As a security guard, not long ago, I went for a mandatory baton class to enhance my skills and we did several techniques from the old school video. I'm also implementing some Katas into my repetoire.......Thanks a million for this old school gem Iain.