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History: A Thing of the Past? (Podcast)

Happy 2010 everyone! Is it just me or have the 10 years since the millennium flown by!? The passage of time is what inspired this first podcast of the new decade. In it I discuss the influence “history” can have on today’s martial practise. It is my view that history can lead to ever increasing efficiency and growth, or stagnation and death depending upon how we view the martial practises passed on to us through history.

There are many different ways in which history can impact upon us and in this podcast I discuss the following: How important is it to be “historically accurate” with regards to kata bunkai? What is “traditional”? Should we faithfully preserve what has been passed on to us? How can we integrate modern developments and remain true to our martial heritage? How should we use “history” to ensure a positive future? Is the “historic way” or the “modern way” the best? And a few more issues relating to the positives and pitfalls when looking at the history of the martial arts.

Thanks once again to all the regular listeners for your support of these podcasts! The number of listeners is growing all the time and I thank you for your continued support and for telling others about these programmes. I’ll be back with more next month! Enjoy!

All the best,


History: A Thing of the Past?
Iain Abernethy