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The Hierarchy of Correction

In this video we discuss the Hierarchy of Correction. It is essentially a simple model martial arts and self-protection instructors can use to identify and correct the things that will see the greatest increase in performance for the student.

This is not a hierarchy of instruction (as explained in the video), but a guide for identifying the things that will yield the greatest improvement in performance when observing and correcting a student during drills.

The video gives a brief overview of how to approach mindset, strategic considerations, tactical considerations and technical issues. Each of those elements is obviously a vast topic in itself and there no way an 18-minute video can address specifics. However, the framework explored can be a useful way to prioritise those elements when giving feedback to students. I hope you find this overview interesting!

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PS The Youtube link is HERE

The Hierarchy of Correction: prioritising feedback in the martial arts and self-protection.