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Heian Sandan Bunkai Flow Drill

Hi Guys

Time for the 3rd video - Heian/Pinan Sandan:



I would appreciate feedback, like with the 2 other videos aswell.

Also i would like to hear how you interprete the 3 moves with the arms in the side with the classic "Uraken uchi". ?

I find mine works, but i was a bit bored doing the "block swing attack, go under grap the other arm", because i have already done that in the previous of my works - but then again, this is a variation of the two other... But what do you got?


Best wishes Nikolaj

Jon Sloan
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Hey Nikolaj

have you tried exploring the o goshi throw and variations (around the shoulders instead of waist for example) as the interpretation of the turn after the hammerfist oi tsuki combo - the ryokan koshi gamae posture? You almost do it in your sequence but currently turn your uke instead of throwing him. 

As for the uraken sequences, try this as a variation. Uke grabs your lapel with his right hand you step in and slap him across the face with your right at the same time slightly sweeping inside his right foot with your right foot (or kneestrike with your right knee to his spleen points inside his right thigh). This will drop his head and arm slightly. Now wrap your right arm over the top of his and apply pressure to the TW11 point just behind the elbow the angle should be back toward you and down. He will drop down to one or both knees exposing the back of his head to a strike. 

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I like this - it goes together nicely.

It's quite different to the way I used the form, but you might find this old clip of a fatter me interesting for the uraken sequences (and how I've interpreted them).

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Hi Jon - thanks for the reference to throwing, i know you could play with different throws, but it would somewhat ruin my back and forth drill! ( for the sake of the drill! ). However i am working with a throw in my version of Pinan Yondan, and i am anxious to see how it will turn out!

I like your application for the uraken sequence aswell as your TCM references which makes it alot easier for me to map out your intended technique. Nice - thanks!

Jon Sloan
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No worries. I only use the TCM references as references to anatomical points for clarity sake. Just to shorthand the description. I'm not an advocate of chi/ki. :)

It was my instructor, Vince Morris, that outlined the sequence. We often look at that one as being some kind of forward movement into Uke with the elbow and not really as a backward movement - but it is there in the kata, that backward pull as it were.