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Guard-Stripping Pad Drill

This is a really great pad drill. It incorporates changes in range, finding angles and stripping a guard to open up a target. It starts with a cross/hook/elbow. From there shift to the side as you peel the guard away to open up the head for another strike. You can also work this drill on the heavy bag. In the video linked below I use the right hand to "cover the eyes" instead of peeling the guard. Thanks to Jake Crawford for helping me with this video.


Andy Allen

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I'm super fond of incorporating guard-stripping in padwork--I can't think of the last time I did padwork without it! This actually reminds me of the Naihanchi Shodan padwork drill I shared in a Waza Wednesday, years ago, which includes a guard strip off the elbow like yours. Good times! Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks, Noah. I really like the principles these sorts of drills have to offer.