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Iain Abernethy
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Free Team BlackBelt for 60 days

I have a long overdue podcast with Mike Turbitt to get out to you all. Great guy who has some fascinating insights into teaching children! He’s kindly opened up his huge online resource:

All the best,



To my Karate Friends…

With the current situation with clubs and students unable to train I have decided to open up my online Team Black Belt video site for you and your students  for the next 60 days FREE of charge, so you can continue train at home.

There are over 400 videos Kata tutorials, partner work, basics, bunkai, bag work, first aid and our compete syllabus loads more and every-day during the shutdown, there will be new lessons for the kids.

There is no catch, karate has given me loads over the years and its time to help give back.  In 60 days your subscription will end. If you want it after that, you can subscribe, if not that’s as well.

Go to https://teamblackbelt.pro/ “student membership” promo code “home320”  be sure to click APPLY after entering the code. Check the box for Home Classes

Drop in your name and email address and you’re in. (no credit card or payment info is required).

Things are a tad tricky out there.

Please stay safe and remember your community needs leaders and positive minded example setters.



Iain Abernethy
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Here are some videos from Mike’s recent online teaching which may give some inspiration for those also teaching online:


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Thank you for the generosity Mike!!!