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Iain Abernethy
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Forearm strikes and short-shots

A friend of mine recently sent me the link to this video. It’s footage of Eric Paulsen teaching “short shots” and my friend (and I) saw a lot of similarity with some of the forearms strikes we have in kata. There are only so many ways for people to hit each other, so that in itself is not surprising. What Mr Paulsen calls a “forearm hack” we would call an “uchi-uke” (or “soto-uke” is some styles). This has a lot of relevance to us traditional types. Eric Paulsen is a hugely respected teacher and I do like the way he teaches these methods. I’m sure you’ll enjoy his take on things!

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Excellent video.

I actually use that shot quite a bit and it features in my applications for the opening movements of Pinan Shodan and Pinan Yondan.  It's one of those close quarter movements that has a surprising amount of power and it features in one of my own kata.

Thanks for sharing Iain!

John Titchen

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I love both of those strikes, and it's great to see a well-known MMA coach promoting old-school karate techniques!