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Iain Abernethy
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Footwork Drill to Create Angles (video)

A good drill on sidestepping to gain angles when fighting (a fighting “kata” if you will :-). Boxing footwork has had a huge influence on modern karate, and with good reason. The traditional methods of the kata are perfect for close-range civilian self-protection, but if we also wish to include a fighting component to what we do then we need to have the footwork skills for closing distance and negotiating a back and forth extended exchange. Personally footwork is one of those skills that I love to train because my body likes the “feel” of it.

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I came to kyokushin shortly after beginning boxing, and trained the two side by side for a year or so. My training group makes a fair bit of use of drills like this in our "fighting" context, and we play with what crossover there is between skills developed for "fighting" and self-protection. Tons of fun :)

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Excellent video Iain and thanks for sharing...In my Kyokushin Karate dojo for pre-conditioning before class begins, I practice the tai sabaki, side to side steps, V step, X steps, C steps and even circular steps not only for warm ups but to move gracefully with the body loose and relax. Definetely comes in handy for self protection big time.


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I'm also in the kyokushin family, and do the same. It's a really good way to loosen up before training.