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Iain Abernethy
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The dangers of not leaving!

A great blog post from Wim Demeere! Wim uses a video to discuss the dangers of not leaving when it is possible to do so, not considering the possibility of third parties getting involved, and self-defence vs. "Street Fighting":


The video Wim discusses is the one below. WARNING: This video contains violence and bad language!

Wim goes into detail on the points illustrated by this clip and you should read his blog post before commenting. The key points being that the opportunity to leave was not taken, that this was not self-defence but “street fighting” and hence the guy knocked out may very well find themselves on the wrong side of the law, and how there always needs to be an understanding that third parties – even those not associated with either participant – can always get involved, and involved decisively.

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human ego the biggest downfall of a person,

that one remineds me of these two idiots in minnesota, which the news described as a dr seuss instance.


thanks i might use this for somthing


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This is very good advice Iain and Wim. Maybe you could post this on your Facebook page? We could share it so that non-martial arts people can have a look too. One, so that they might realise the dangers of not getting away when you can if someone is trying to start trouble. Two, so that they can also see bravado and 'not backing down' isn't all it's cracked up to be. Better to lose a bit of face to an idiot who wants to show off than end up in hospital/cells/the morgue!