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Cool Xmas Present Until You Get Tasered

Heres a novel little item that’s going to be all the rage with the wannabe ninjas. This is a real functioning ……umbrella with a katana style handle. Both the full length and shorter telescopic deploy with the push of a button. The full length even comes with a nylon cloth ‘scabbard’ complete with shoulder strap so you can wear it over your shoulder just like Blade in the movies. Now you can walk around looking well mean, moody and hard….. that is until the police either stop you by using a taser on you’re a@*e or some group of Neanderthals decide they like it and beat the s&%t out you before taking it off you and then inserting it where the sun doesn’t shine just for a laugh. Now who wants one!


Armed police were called to investigate a student in Atlanta who'd been seen carrying a Samurai sword… which turned out to be an umbrella.