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Bob Davis
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Charity Karate Day(2), Maple Cross, UK, May 6th 2018

Hi All,

The second of the day ticket releases for this years camp are now available.

This is for day 2, Bob Davis, Brian Bates and Doug Connell (P.A.K.T.).

6 hours training, 3 meals, a lot of fun with some good people.

Cost for the day is £45, if you book 4 and pay on the same day you get 4 for the price of 3 so it's worth filling the car.

This event is over 18's only (or over 16's if accompanied)

Please note there are only 10 places allocated to day tickets, once they are gone they are gone.


Having released the flyer for the Day 2 event I thought I'd post a little more info for those unfamilar with our work.

Session one - Bob Davis The Active Flinch. The flinch response is a natural human reaction and representations of it are seen in kata all the time. Here we look at the flinch as a reactive response and explore using the same movements as proactive allowing use of the same movements to both pre-empt or cover. We will also cover follow ups for control or finish...ing as the situation warrents.

Session two - Brian Bates Heian Impact I have sub titled the session "Pads and Ground" but to clarify this is not a ground work session. The impact in question is between the ground and your Uke as Brian explores some of the throws, locks and takedowns presented in the Heian katas and offers some useful padwork impact drills for the practice of striking power from these kata.

Session 3/4 - Doug Connell P.A.K.T. (Practial and Applied Karate Tournaments) Doug has done a lot of work developing a competition format specifically for the pragmatic karate-ka who often miss out on the fun of competiton as their training direction changes. Doug will be presenting the basics of this tournament concept and running a mini competiton for attendees to experience the applied competiton format for themselves. Full details can be found here https://shogunpracticalkarate.com/pakt/

Flyer Day 2