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The Case for Kihon (podcast)

In this podcast we discuss basic kihon training. For practitioners of arts other than karate, “kihon” generally refers to the practice of techniques without a partner or equipment. Typically it’s done in lines where the karateka goes up and down the room.

While kihon practise forms a significant part of modern karate training, it would be fair to say that many now question its value and, on my travels, I even see some abandoning the practise all together. It is my view that kihon is a vital part of the mix, but it needs to be the right kind of kihon and be part of a holistic training matrix.

In this podcast I’d therefore like to explain the role I think kihon training should have, and then elaborate to explain how it can be most efficiently and effectively practised.

The podcast also covers my “3Ts” and “3Ws” models of what the effective application of a technique requires.

There are lots of aspects to this topic and, agree or disagree with my personal take on things, I hope you feel the podcast does a good job of articulating the relevant issues around kihon training.

Thanks for listening and I’ll be back with more soon!

All the best,


The Case for Kihon
Iain Abernethy