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Iain Abernethy
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Byobudaoshi and Ude-Wa Throw video from Simon O'Brien!

More good videos from Simon O'Brien. In this one we have a pad work combination using Funakoshi’s Byobudaoshi and Ude-Wa throws (more commonly known as an outer reaping throw and double leg takedown). The videos also show Simon’s son using these methods effectively in BJJ competition. Enjoy!

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Form to Function Promo Video

Breakdown and Instruction

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Thanks for sharing.  

I really like the videos that Simon is putting together. I already appreciate the value of the kata for training self defence related drills and working under pressure in scenario training, but his illustrations of how the same methodology is good practice in training for combat sports (and not just in karate only) is incredibly positive.  

I also have to confess I'm tremendously jealous of the excellent facilities his students enjoy! :)  

All the best  

John Titchen

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These are really nice. Thanks so much for sharing!