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Bonus Podcast: Iain interviewed by MartialPreneur TV

This is not the latest podcast, but a “bonus podcast” of my recent interview with MartialPreneur TV! It’s just over 50 minutes long and looks at my experiences as fulltime martial artist. In the podcast I am asked about how I came to be a full time martial artist, what lessons I have learnt along the way, what is my advice for those who similarly want to commit to the martial lifestyle, my advice for those looking to publish books and DVDs, and quite a bit more too. I really enjoyed chatting with Scott and I think that comes across. I hope you the podcast! I’ll be back with the next podcast very soon; which is on the subject of “street fighting” :-)

Speak soon!

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PS The download link can be found below the player

MartialPreneur TV Blurb: “This week’s special guest is Iain Abernethy. Iain is best known for his work on the practical application of karate and kata bunkai or application of the moves within kata for real combat. He has been a published author and has produced many books and training DVD’s. He also produces and hosts a successful podcast which I like to listen to regularly which spurred me to ask him to come onto the show. Iain produced a podcast episode in which he called “money and the martial arts” which I think every martial preneur should listen to. In our martial preneur tv episode I expand upon that podcast Iain did and also ask Iain to guide us on how he went from an electrician to full time instructor and published author. This episode is a real cracker and is absolute fried gold for anyone wishing to pursue a career as a full time teacher in the martial arts.”

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