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Beginning Bunkai with Kihon Kata


Please find a link to our beginners' bunkai using Kihon Kata.


This video is our beginners' introduction to Bunkai study. It is a collection of Two Person Application Practices derived from Kihon Kata.

The purpose is to introduce students to:

(1) Close proximity & helping them with any inhibitions and fears.

(2) The concept of Two Person practices being recorded in a Kata.

(3) The body is a connected entity & simple body mechanics.

(4) The concept of stance being dynamic and assisting technique.

(5) Movement and angles in relation to the enemy.

Drill #1 - Hikite (Pulling Hand) study, in which an aggressor is taken off their fighting line via a cross grab and pull. Lessons in the basic understanding of fighting lines, limb manipulation, weight transference to assist technique, whole body utilization to assist strength, grabbing, turning the aggressors, seizing, punching, and bicep bump. Additionally, if the aggressor is taller then the use of the knee to drop their height.

Drill #2 - Sticky Hand study, in which constant contact and constant awareness of the aggressor is maintained. Manipulation of the limb, angles, and movement assist domination or opportunity enhancement. Trapping, trapping, punching, and bicep bump to maintain contact. Contact is also used to erase doubt or inhibitions over contact and close proximity.

Drill#3 - Check, bridge, and counter. Using the "gyaku hanmi" to erase one-sided bias, upper body, lower body, left, and right side co-ordination.

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