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Basic Striking, Cover, Clinch Drill

Working with a new set of beginners in my college PE karate class. I introduced them to a new very basic drill that allows them to practice pre-emptive striking, covering, and using knees in the clinch. It also acculturates them to being hit (lightly at this point) and enables them to practice fighting to escape. This video provides instruction, follow-up on a question of working in the clinch to get to the outside, and then a quick clip of students working the drill.



Iain Abernethy
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Thanks for sharing Dave.

For the self-protection side of things, it is vital we practise covering / default positions extensively such that they become habitual. Blocking is of extremely limited value at close-range because we don’t have the room or space to react, nor do we have the recognisable patterns associated with sparring / consensual violence with fellow martial artists. Covering works much better.

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