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Basic drill for the application of blocks (video)

In this video we summarise a basic drill for the bunkai of what are commonly, and inaccurately, referred to as “blocks”. The drill also looks at the use of hiki-te (pulling hand), muchimi (sticking to and redirecting the enemy’s limbs), and the use of stance and angles.

The drill has the techniques switch from one side to the other. This is deliberate as it affords the karateka the opportunity to repeatedly practise re-direction and sticking. This also requires the karate to constantly switch stance which will aid the development of footwork as well as underlining the transitory nature of stances in application.

This drill is not a “fighting combination” to be applied “as is”. Instead it is a kyu-level drill to promote the aforementioned skills as well as allowing for the time efficient practise of the core techniques that comprise it.

The video was filmed as a summary for those who had already learnt the drill. It is therefore not instructional in nature and maybe difficult to follow for those who were not at the event. I nevertheless hope the video is of interest.

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PS The YouTube link can be found HERE

Practical Kata Bunkai: basic drill for the application of “blocks”