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Article : I have learnt only 1 kata in 3 years

Hello, here is an article on why you should learn kata : 


Please read and share if you like it : comments are appreciated :)



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Excellent article. At our club we are taught that forms should not be taken literally, but that we should look at how we move and how those movements could represent a range of different things. In karate terms, I don't think we can go too far wrong in taking note of what Gichin Funakoshi wrote. He repeatedly stresses that karate is a form of physical training that one person can do anywhere, without no need for either training partner or equipment. Funakoshi seemed to think that kata was the essence of karate. And if no other training methods were to be used, then kata alone would enable one to develop the art. I'm not experienced enough to say with any authority, but my own experience is that forms don't really teach techniques, but train movement from which one can naturally build technique instinctively. Perhaps as important, if not more so, they develop mental focus, balance, strength where it matters, cardiovascular fitness, good breathing control etc. They are, in a very real sense, a form of meditation in motion. All that said, I think all that goes out the window if performed as a robotic sequence that looks like the practioner is simply trying to replicate a sequence of poses from a text book.

Antonio G
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thank you Anf for your comment :)