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Iain Abernethy
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Ananko Kata Form and Function Online Training Course!

Launching Friday 11th March:

Ananko Kata Form & Function Online Training Course!

Devised by 5th Dan BCKA Instructor Lee Taylor, this new course is a complete training package for the Kata Ananko (Ananku / Annanko) From the solo form, 2 person drills and pad work to also include the Ebook Ananko Kata Form & Function.

Course includes: 10 Bunkai Drills / 10 Focus Mitt Drills / 4 Live Kata based sparring drills / Bonus seminar vidoes.

With a 30% introductory discount for a limited time, all this for ONLY £24.50

The course is suitable for ANY style of Karate that has Ananko in their syllabus, (though it is not necessary to know the Kata) and wishes to add striking, bunkai and pad drills to their training, enhancing your knowledge and understanding of the principles within Kata that are universal and can be transferred to any Kata you may be studying.

Launching Friday 11th March, start your course with the link below: