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Joshua Shrum
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5 Drills to Spice up KATA Practice

I recently had some people contact me to write an article about drills I do in class to spice up redundant practice. It resulted in a series of three articles covering different things we work on in class. This first one is over KATA. I explained briefly 5 drills to use in class to practice kata. My classes (10-20 students) always love the different ways to practice! Let me know what you guys think or how they work out for you in your prespective classes!


P.S. On a side note, there was a fantastic article written about the purpose of kata as a whole back in December. I want to note that this article does not cover the purpose to practice, or why to practice, rather than 5 new ways to practice the katas altogether. Enjoy! 

Iain Abernethy
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Good article with some great suggestions. The first one has always been part of my practice due to having a small bedroom as a child. As someone who travels a lot, it also comes into play in hotel rooms :-)

I did a podcast in a similar vein a few years ago:


Always good to keep training fresh and fun. Thanks for sharing!

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